Friday, December 7, 2012

Time Flies so Fast

OMD...!!! its 5 months already.. time flies so fast.. hurmm.. Eventough MR. S is not with me... chewah (bukan memang selalu takdak ka ?) but niea tau dia selalu mengharapkan niea wat yang tbaik dlm idop ni.. tambah2 agi bulan ni niea nak present master project.. opkos la kena kuat.. n awal bulan depan da nak exam da.. takut !!! tennnsssennn... TAK SABAR da.. da nak abih study da.. within 2 month insyaAllah akan bergelar penganggur semula..

aishh.. my MR. S always ask me to do practical in IPOH.. oh ya !! after exam i'll begin my practical for 1 month starting from 21st Jan until 15th Feb.. InsyaAllah..But not so sure where.. Luckily if i get Politeknik Ungku Omar same as before.. Sorry if my English is not excellent at all.. just like rojak2.. hahahha.. but practice makes perfect right.. =) The reason why MR. S ask me.. just because he want to spent all the time together when he going back to kampung.. FYI, in that time MR. S still undergoing training.. So do well my dear MR. S.. Love to see you again.. Caner la rupa dia nanti.. hikhikhik (senyum sorang-sorang da)

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